Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  Here at Avalon Church, we exist to help people establish and develop a very real and...

Hope Rises

The Mission for the community of Palomino, Mexico: “To build a church so that we may spiritually and physically feed the people so that...

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Don’t do life alone.

Sundays at 10AM | Spanish 1:15PM | Youth 6PM

OUR MISSION: Love God, Love Neighbors & Lead Others

Let Us Pray For You!

We believe in the power of prayer! Allow us to pray for you.

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Where is God when it hurts?

In Where Is God When It Hurts?, Philip Yancey wrote about a peculiar handicap of lepers: they feel no pain in the afflicted parts of their body. They can burn a leprous hand in the fire or have a toe gnawed off by a rat, and never feel a thing. A cut becomes abcessed...

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Hope Rises | Mexico

October 2017 Mission to Aguascalientes


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