Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  Here at Avalon Church, we exist to help people establish and develop a very real and...
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Have you ever felt that their was more to this christian life? Their is! Jesus has called us to be ALL IN ,not just for our sake but for his glory, and for the surpassing worth of knowing Jesus more!

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Do you feel like it’s hard at times to hear from God? This week Pastor Dale Brooks will share a special message on how to develop ears to hear God’s voice.

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Life Groups

Don’t do life alone.

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Sundays at 10AM | Spanish 1:15PM | Youth 6PM

OUR MISSION: Love God, Love Neighbors & Lead Others

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All that Matters

It is a tumultuous time in the world and in our nation. Perhaps no more than other time – maybe we are simply more aware of it due to instant and incessant coverage by the media and social media. Whatever the case, it has given rise to various and highly visible...

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One Service Summer

Our Summer Service Times start May 29th, 2016. English: 10:00AM Spanish: 1:15pm Middle & High School Students: 6:00pm


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