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Providing Help to the Bahamas

The people of the Bahamas need an outpouring of generosity. There are numerous organizations who are or will be providing assistance to those devastated by Hurricane Dorian. Our experience with Samaritan’s Purse after previous catastrophes and the incredible way they have already responded to the Bahamas has been so positive that we want support their efforts through our September Item of the Month. Simply click on the blue circle giving icon in the lower right hand corner of any page and select September Item of the Month. All donations will be regularly forwarded to Samaritan’s Purse throughout the month.



“May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.”

This ancient Jewish blessing implies that a rabbi’s disciple stays so close that the dust the rabbi stirs up covers the disciple.


So what exactly does being a disciple of Jesus look like in 2019? Dusty? Or different? Join us for this new series in August and September.

Sermon Resources

“Leemos que un gran numero de denominaciones o religiones pero habrá una verdadera religion? Si es así, cual es? Jesus no vino a establecer una religion, El vino a restaurar una relación…entre Dios y el hombre. Te invitamos a descubrir este punto a través de nuestra nueva serie “Una Iglesia sin Religión”. Estudiaremos lo que es ser una iglesia y su propósito en el dia de hoy”


Life Groups


These are simply small gatherings of people connecting in lasting relationships and growing on their faith journey by studying and serving together.